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SINCE 1971


Les VantIn 1971 Mr. Leslie M. Vant of Reading, MA, had recently retired as an engineer for Raytheon Corporation and decided to pursue his dream of starting a small, part time business in aerial photography. Les, being extremely dedicated to any undertaking he pursued, purchased the bestphotographic cameras available and started making contacts with folks he had known throughout his career. Many of these contacts became his client base and he was determined to provide quality images and unheard of service while keeping the costs to his clients and friends down. Using this practical approach to his startup business new clients soon found their way to him and his small business quickly flourished. In 1976, at the age of 66, Les had achieved another long held dream and earned his Private Pilot License at the old Tew-Mac Airport in Tewksbury, MA. While flying all the photography missions on his own he would always employ a commercial pilot for the use of circling the aircraft while on station over the site.


JohnJohn P. Ford, current owner of Les Vants Aerial Photos has been a Commercial Pilot and FAA Certified Flight Instructor for over 32 years. As Les' constant flying companion and on site pilot John and Les developed a great working relationship and became close friends. John became interested in photography at an early age and in the late 70s as a commercial pilot and accomplished amateur photographer he became well known in the New England aviation community for his air to air photographic work earning him national recognition. His photos began appearing in several popular Aviation magazines and journals. His air to air work helped launch International aerobatic careers and secure sponsorship for their endeavors. It was a natural progression, with Les at his side, to transition to air to ground photography in the early 80s. When Les decided to retire, in 1987, John took over full control of the business. His never ending dedication to the business continues to reward him with a great sense of achievement. His recognition continues in such works as his 1996 PAPA International "Best Of Show" award at the Professional Aerial Photographers Association's East Coast convention for his image of Nubble Light, York Beach, Maine.


In February, 2006 John received 4 awards at the annual PAPA Convention in Orlando, Florida for all four of his aerial entries;

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As time and technology rapidly change John is excited about the future and is constantly keeping up with the new technology and information immersing himself in as many photo and digital technology courses and certifications as possible.


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